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Abstract Splash


My art often begins out of a need to satisfy a curiosity. My mind will instinctively connect things in an effort to wrap my imagination around and through an objective—an intention. An artwork will also involve story to set parameters. But, this remains fluid and flexible so that play can take place. Continuously developing my creative mindset is best summed up as having an ability to retain a child-like wonderment, a desire to learn new things, and a willingness to explore unknown territories. Art-making is a playful process of manipulating materials, mediums and parameters to best express my perceptions and sentiments.

Throughout my artistic career, it is light and its variable qualities that communicate my innermost feelings. By using technology to manipulate luminescent values, I am able to isolate, define, refine, and coax the lambent nature of wavelengths from production to post and beyond. For me, light bending, bouncing, or absence becomes some of the manipulative actions employed to expound and expand an idea.

I enjoy going out to revisit or discover things that will instinctively invigorate a simple form of expression. New playgrounds sought out to stimulate the child in me and for the adult to delve deeper within. My creative exploration is often a preparatory path of mindful observation and attentive listening: an art-making aim mindfully fostered. My art flows simultaneously within and out, amid here and there. A process sourced from the id, expressed daily and which spurs personal growth.

Video installation
Multimedia Haiku
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